The Missions on this page have been prepared, and will be guided by, the PLANE Professional Learning Team of Leanne Steed, Mark Woolley, John Clear, and Melanie Hughes.
To find out more about PLANE follow this link.
As a participant, you accept a mission that will take you on a learning journey. Your mission is completed when you or your team upload the evidence of your completed mission. The xp value next to each mission will give you an idea of the time required to complete each level of the mission - the higher the value, the more challenging the mission. You can submit your missions at anytime, so don't worry if you don't finish it while at the Unconference.

Live Blogger Extraordinaire! +10xp

Mission (not so) Impossible! +30xp
You won't be briefed sitting in a leather first class seat, but you will be briefed on your mission.

Darling Harbour Adventures + 50xp
In a team, using a mobile phone, geocaches, clues and your wits, you will explore Darling Harbour while unlocking clues in a true professional learning adventure.

That's not a Mission! This is a mission... +100xp

Collaborate or Perish + 50xp
Learn how you and your students can use technology to empower students to collaborate on meaningful projects.
Three pathways and everyone's a winner.

Digital Me +50xp
Roll up your sleeves, boot up, log in, get busy! Let's create a digital you!
Three pathways with three activity choices to make an avatar or original artwork using some excellent online tools.

The Graphics Challenge
Take the grapics challenge to determine your learning mission...
  • create 10 unique image files, create a slideshow of the images & share it +20xp
  • create an infographic & share it +40xp
  • create a brand identity & submit it +80xp

Dr Google is not a sole practitioner
Why do we go straight to Google to search? There are heaps of other fantastic search engines out there: some are perfect for Stage 1 students, some specialise in Science, others can indicate the readability level of a website. You can discover which websites display a certain image and view past versions of websites. Let's get a second opinion.

No Passport? No Problem!
Affordable travel in Google Earth.
Google trips can follow the path of a book (Possum Magic, Macbeth, The Kite Runner), a journey (Burke and Wills, Captain Cook, The First Fleet), an activity (City to Surf)... anything.
Create one today!

I love CC's +30xp
Beat the copyright challenge. Find, use and create creative commons movies, images and songs.

Everybody wants to be heard +30xp
Create a podcast file on the potential of 1:1 learning.

If you would like to run this in your school please view the Organisation Notes we used to run this event