More questions will be added to this page as they arise. If you have any questions, please check back here then email the support team if needed. If you have a question, please add it to the Discussion tab above.

1. Where is the Unconference?

  • Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre - Darling Drive, Darling Harbour
  • Driving directions
  • Google Maps (click this link on your mobile phone and it will open in Google Maps)

2. How do we register for sessions?

From Sunday 12:00pm you will be able to sign up for the various sessions on the Google Doc accessed via this Wiki.
Please look at this before editing:

3. What do I wear?

Come dressed to learn - think about what you would wear when meeting a friend for coffee.

4. What do I bring?

Your laptop, your mobile phone & and ideas/lessons/units/resources you have to share and/or wish to further develop collaboratively.

5. When/where are the sessions?

View the timetable & map on the home page. You need to choose a learning pathway that meets your needs. Don't forget to find downtime to explore new ideas and reflect on your learning.

7. Is the Unconference IOT Accredited?

This conference will be classified as teacher identified hours.

8. Will there be Wifi and Charging stations?

There will be free wifi for all participants and power boards spread around the venue. Please bring your own chargers.

9. How do I connect to the Wifi?

  1. Connect to the "Unconference SSID"
  2. Ensure you proxy settings are correct (Internet Options/Connections/LAN settings/ only have "Automatically detect settings" checked)
  3. Open your browser a login page will appear (if not check proxy settings & navigate to a strong URL such as www.google.com.au)
  4. Enter

    • User ID = learning
    • Password = sydney

10. Can I get technical support?

There is a TSO help desk where you will be able to access support. Please be aware some things may beyond the TSOs' knowledge/skills or may require administration privileges that they don't possess.

11. Is there an UnDinner on Monday Night?

Yes, a registration Google Doc will be available on Monday. We'll find a relaxed venue based on numbers where we can continue our conversations. (PAYG, not included in registration costs)

12. Is there an official hashtag for Social Media?

Yes, please use #1to1unconf in any social media conversations you have about the conference so everyone can follow and join the discussion.

13. When is catering?

Morning Tea - 9:30am - 11:00am
Lunch - 11:45am - 1:15pm
Afternoon Tea - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Coffee - All Day
Eat on the run, during a session or in the sunshine.