Zone Co-Ordinators:

  • Anne Voglenest
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Belinda Stanton

Job Description:

  • Help to settle facilitators into sessions
  • Support needs of facilitators
  • Direct participants to their sessions
  • Ensure participants are signed up for sessions
  • Keep to timetable

Facilitator Resources:

A Facilitated Discussion is a 50 minute session for up to 24 participants working from 3 tables. Your role is to facilitate a discussion (not a didactic presentation) on your topic. There will be no IWB or data projector but all participants will have access to quality WiFi so participants will be able to access online resources.

Mindtools for thinking, reflecting & organising:

Tips for facilitating discussion with adults:

Physical resources:

  • Cafe style tables with chairs
  • Agenda on Notice Board
  • Dividers
  • Butchers Paper, A3/A4 Paper and Markers etc
  • Sessions to be signed up via Google Doc on Wikispace Page
  • Powerboards
  • Extension cords